Our Story – Bonsai Cha

it was love at first sip...

Bonsai Cha is founded by a mother/daughter team,
Donna and Avery .

Avery was always the adventurer and craved new experiences. When the chance to relocate to Fukuoka, Japan presented itself, she jumped at the opportunity and has never looked back.

Through the historic temples and winding roads of Kyoto, she discovered a tea house that forever changed her view on Japanese tea. From the first sip, she knew she had found something special. This had to be one of Japan’s best kept secrets - some of the finest offerings of Japanese matcha.

When Donna visited Japan for the first time, Avery introduced her to matcha and she was instantly hooked. Donna was amazed by how different the matcha was compared to her local coffee shop - it wasn't bitter!

the start of something new

After returning home to Canada, Donna knew she had to find a way to bring these amazing teas back home. The matcha Donna found was typically low quality, dull and contained added sweeteners. With Avery located overseas, it seemed like the perfect opportunity - being close to the source in Japan, they could be in two places at once.

From there, Bonsai Cha was born!

our mission

We founded our company with the mission to share authentic, unique, top-quality Japanese matcha with you.

We seek to provide a selection of teas that offer a variety of taste profiles that bring you all the health benefits in their purest form.

We hope you enjoy the Bonsai Cha experience!

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