Koyo (Hojicha) – Bonsai Cha
Koyo (Hojicha) - Bonsai Cha
Koyo (Hojicha) - Bonsai Cha
Koyo (Hojicha) - Bonsai Cha

Koyo (Hojicha)

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One of the finest offerings from the prestige area of Uji, Kyoto, Kogane has to be the best organic matcha on the market. Achieve a state of calm focus and with every sip and find your own balance, peace and harmony. Soft, sweet and smooth, this matcha powder is incredibly approachable and it easily everyone’s favourite.

Hojicha Profile

Koyo hojicha powder is made from some of the finest first harvest leaves of the Yabukita cultivar. The Yabukita cultivar is characterized by a wonderfully smooth and well-rounded mouthfeel and is gentle on the palate. When these tencha leaves are roasted in porcelain pots at a high temperature, the end result is beautifully roasted reddish-brown leaves which exhibit distinct, intense aromas of coffee, burnt brown sugar, spice and woody notes.  Like our other Bonsai Cha matcha powders, our hojicha powder has been meticulously crafted by our artisan tea masters from hand-selected leaves which are stone ground to create one of the highest grade hojicha powders available.

Tasting Notes

Fine, rich brown powder that is warm and inviting, offering with aromas of crème brûlée, tobacco and woody notes. Pronounced flavours of coffee and cocoa mingle with undertones of spice and roasted nuts. Beautifully balanced with a sweet and lingering finish.

Superior Grade
Uji, Kyoto
Harvest 1st Flush
Servings  15-30 (30 grams)

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